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If you’re like most of my readers, you love God. You love being wherever His presence is. You're committed to your church, your family, and—most importantly—you're committed to being all that God wants you to be in this life. You very much want your days to count. And deep down feel it. The call of the Spirit of God telling you that there is more. But there seems to be one little problem: it's not always clear in terms of HOW. Prophet David Taylor Man praying prayer PDTHow do you go to the next level with God? How do you figure out the way into His perfect will? How do you maximize your spiritual potential?

I can relate

I have been in church since I was five years old. Yet there were many times I felt like I was "well churched" but not close to God.

I would read of mighty acts in the Bible and be amazed! I would then look for those same gifts and experiences to happen in church. I didn't find them. I would read of supernatural victories wrought through God. Yet when I looked in my own life, I didn't see those things happening with me either. And it became quite confusing and frustrating to see such a contrast.

Then when I embraced the full call of God on my life, everything changed. I got my questions answered, I got healed on every level, and the power of God manifested in a way I had never seen before. All of that happened when I learned that the doorway to all of that? Is to walk in the Prophetic.

I am a business owner, a recording artist, a songwriter, an author and the proud father of two. But until I learned to embrace the prophetic, I was missing out. It's possible to be a Christian and be nowhere near your true spiritual potential in Christ. If you’re like me, you long for God's glory. For His fullness. And you don't want to spend one more day without it.

I want to state to you in no uncertain terms...the way to start that journey is by entering the Prophetic dimension of the Kingdom of God.

Why I made this website

Prophet David Taylor David Taylor II David Taylor 2 PDT #PDTNetworkI wanted to share what I've learned about walking in the prophetic realm with all that are hungry for it. And I've heeded the divine call on my life to do just that! It's through the prophetic realm that we get an even clearer understanding of God's voice. It's through the prophetic realm that we can find out exactly what season God is in, and what He's doing. It's through prophetic worship that we can receive an even greater visitation of His glory. We come to understand that prophets and prophecy have been at the heart of God's dealings with man from the beginning. And it's through the prophetic realm that we can see the enemy coming, and prepare for the fight.

So all of my content—my music, my blog, my videos and LIVE Prophetic Events—are designed to show you the prophetic dimension in God. To show you its blessings, its benefits, and its bountiful harvest. And to teach you how to walk in it for yourself.

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I stopped by to tell you that yes, you too can walk in the Prophetic Realm. And you don't have to be called to the Office of a Prophet to do so. God means for all of us to know Him personally. He means for all of us to experience life through the benefits of the Prophetic. If you're willing, He's able. Let's start the journey together!

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He also stripped off his clothes, and he too prophesied before Samuel and lay down naked all that day and all that night. Therefore they say, "Is Saul also among the prophets?" ~I Samuel 19:24