Blog: Seven Pillars of an Effective Church – Part 1

Is there anything worse than an ineffective church?

I am using the word ‘church’ to mean the Christian Church and its traditions, throughout its myriad and varied history, but I will be speaking from a Protestant perspective as I have never been Catholic. There are two excellent polls that show the breakdown of all religious affiliations in America; The Pew Research Report says that 78% of Americans identify as Christian, and it also gives additional information on how people in America practice their faith. The ABC News Poll claims that 83% of Americans identify as Christian, while giving a denominational breakdown as well.

So if this country is over 3/4 Christian, why is it going to Hell in a hand basket?

I submit that it is because we are ineffective as a church. And we are ineffective because we are not listening to the Lord. Continue reading “Blog: Seven Pillars of an Effective Church – Part 1”

Teaching: Fivefold Ministry Audio & Workbook

One of the most misunderstood areas in the Body of Christ is the Fivefold Ministry. Some are still arguing that the Apostolic and the Prophetic are no longer in operation today; nothing could be further from the truth. In this new teaching I explore what the Bible says in the Greek and the Hebrew in terms of defining the offices. I talk about what a healthy spirituality should look like, and the unfortunate effects of religious abuse, something rarely talked about but very prevalent! Presented in eight audio teachings with an accompanying workbook, pick up your copy of Fivefold Ministry today.