What is a Prophetic Activation?

I. Prophetic Activation – What is it?

It is first and foremost, showing people how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit for themselves. It is also showing believers how each child of God can begin to move in the area of the Prophetic. According to 1 Corinthians 14, we can all:
-Speak in tongues
-Pray in the Spirit
-Sing in the Spirit
-Release divinely inspired utterances

II. A Prophetic Activation – How do we do It?

It comes in four parts:
Part 1: Foundational Teaching

Learning how to align one’s self with the Word of God concerning the Prophetic realm.

Part 2: Deliverance

Being set free from anything that is hindering a full surrender to the Holy Spirit. Casting out any spirit that is unclean, renouncing any doctrine that is unscriptural, forsaking any practice or habit that is of the flesh and not of the Spirit.

Part 3: The Laying on of Hands

For the filling of the Holy Spirit(often accompanied by tongues), for impartation, for release into ministry, for establishment in ministry, for increased anointings and spiritual power.

Part 4: Practice

Having believers begin to prophesy. They can be activated and begin to practice walking in the Prophetic through different words, images and leadings as the Holy Spirit gives them utterance.